tiny posters


tiny posters

Music and graphics are two different kinds of media, auditory, and visual. But they always come together and one cannot think about the one without thinking about the other. Can we explain music through images only? In the seminar Tiny Posters at the University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe, four students have approached this subject and searched for Portuguese musicians whose work they wanted to approach visually.

For every musician they printed six posters for six of their songs in various techniques such as linocut, or nyloprint. A selection of these posters can be found in this set, which was produced on the university's own printing-press "Black Betty" in an edition of 200 copies. A visual soundtrack exclusively sampled for Slanted Portugal!

Supervisor: Juliane Hohlbaum
Design: Lisa Walter, Selina Zwaller, Klara-Sophie Neubauer, Desiree Kabis
Format: 16 x 24 cmVolume: set of 8 tiny posters
Techniques: linocut, photopolymer, wrapping film, riso (folder)

Selina Zwaller,
Lisa Walter,
Klara Sophie Neubauer,
Désirée Kabis
tiny posters
Juliane Hohlbaum
Technische Details
linocut, photopolymer, wrapping film, riso (folder)
WS 2015/16

an der HfG Karlsruhe