I'm with the band


I'm with the band

The Brains of the Outfit is an assignment that researches the dynamics, aesthetics and behavior of the group and its audience. How do different kinds of collectives or movements (fans, casts of movies and TV shows, group art show exhibitors, members of bands, cults, movements, gangs, clubs and parties) manifest themselves? And according to which or whose rules? What were the circumstances that sparked their existence? And what is it that keeps groups like these going today?

Become the brains behind a group of individuals and develop the way they look like and behave. What does this group do? How and where and what and why? What is the connection between the group's behavior and looks? How does the initial group look and behave, and how do they manifests themselves?

The Brains of the Outfit is a project with an interest to discuss, unravel, and eventually design a group and its identity. Exercises, screenings and discussions could generate the eventual outlook of the group and what else they need in order to express themselves...

Mathias Lempart
Brains of The Output
Bart de Baets
Technische Details
WS 2015/16

an der HfG Karlsruhe