20.12.2013 #Link

Studio aufräumen!

Und dann am Ende des Dezembers schöne Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch! Zur Erinnerung hier nochmals die Termine 2013 und 2014:

Vorlesungszeit Wintersemester 2013/14:
14.10.2013 bis 15.02.2014
23.12.2013 bis 06.01.2014

21.11.2013 #Link

Lecture: Andrew Nosnitsky

The HfG Communication Design Department announces a lecture by American freelance music journalist Andrew Nosnitsky this Tuesday 26 November 2013, 16h00 in the Glaskubus.

For over a decade Nosnitsky has been writing and blogging about rap music in the widest sense. Starting his blog-site 'Cocaine Blunts' to investigate and document rap music and scenes overlooked by mainstream media, his dedication has amassed an impressive body of work: An archive of [rap] criticisms, interviews, oddities, politics, alternatives and in-betweens.

His work offers an alternative to the more 'aggregate' approach of most other rap music blogs, perhaps introducing space for reflection in a genre of music that proliferates in – often – extreme ways. Besides his websites Nosnitsky's writing extends to established online and print based magazines including: The Wire, NPR, Pitchfork, XXL, The Fader, etc.

His lecture, titled 'Record Sales and Digital Scales', will address Nosnitsky's recent interest with the class and technological divides in hip hop.


an der HfG Karlsruhe