Saturday Type Fever #2 an der HfG Karlsruhe

On the 17th and 18th of January Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe and its communication design department hosted the 2nd edition of Saturday Type Fever.

Saturday Type Fever is a conference and workshop event organized by NoFoundry, the student run type foundry of the HfG. More than 80 participants from 14 international universities gathered in Karlsruhe for a weekend of typographic work, discussions, learning, sharing, exchanging, and having a lot of fun!

For its second edition, Saturday Type Fever centered on the multifaceted implication of type design, considering typography not merely as a pragmatic device, but as a complex social and economic construct:

A – "When does a typographer's body affect how they create, use and perceive typography?"
B – "When does type design become professional?"
C – "Where could type come from?"
D – "How does type design reflect how we think about society and politics?"

Celebrating exchange and collaboration between universities, the four introductory workshops were organized by groups and collectives of students from the EnsBA Lyon, Motortype (ABK Stuttgart) and Typeclub 530 (ArtEZ Arnhem).

The workshops were complemented by panels and lectures by a broad range of designers and experts: Zsazsa Tuffy, Loraine Furter, Julia Kahl, Mads Wildegaard, Leonie Lude and Arno Schlipf, Quaternio Editions Luzern, and Thomas Bizzari.

Thank you to all lecturers and participants, it was a pleasure having you!


an der HfG Karlsruhe